What is iNTELLiTROL?

iNTELLiTROL is a dual function system. It is a universal monitoring system that can read a wide range of sensors and used for applications such as soil moisture and weather monitoring for irrigation management in orchards, vineyards, dairies, cropping, turf, parks and gardens and other environmental monitoring applications. A wide range of other sensors can be connected and read, such as pressure, flow, ground water level, EC and many more.

iNTELLiTROL is also a PC based irrigation control system that can be used for controlling 24VAC or 12VDC solenoids for computerised irrigation control.

The system can be used for monitoring or control separately, or integrated together.

What are the options for communication?

For data collection, there are several options available, allowing flexibility for your particular requirement:

  • Direct connection to a field logger using a laptop or palmtop computer in the field with a cable.
  • Direct cable connection for field logger or loggers to PC.
  • Remote connection to a field logger or loggers using a portable field radio connected to a laptop or palmtop computer.
  • Remote web based data collection from each field logger using 3G or GSM modems.
  • Remote web based data collection using a combination of modem and radio telemetry communication.
  • Radio telemetry from field logger sites to PC.

How is the data viewed?

There are two ways that data can be viewed.

The first is using the proprietary iNTELLiGRAPH program. After the data is uploaded from the field loggers, information is automatically loaded into the program for immediate viewing and analysis.

The second option is directly from the web based program, iNTELLiWEB. Authorised users can access this program from any PC or device with internet access.

What sensors can be connected to an iNTELLiTROL® system?

iNTELLiTROL® can read a wide variety of sensors from many manufacturers. There are a few proprietary sensors that do not conform to any electrical standard that may not be able to be connected to iNTELLiTROL®. If required, new cards can be produced for sensors that are currently not compatible. We have considerable experience with interfacing many sensors and are able to source and recommend a wide range of sensors for many varied applications.

Is the iNTELLiTROL®  system upgradable?

The system has been designed with upgradability in mind. The same hardware is used across the whole range of iNTELLiTROL® products. This means that a stand-alone logger purchased today will not become obsolete if upgrading to a radio telemetry system in the future.

  • Stand alone field loggers can be upgraded to radio telemetry or modem connection for remote access to data.
  • Cabled systems can easily integrate into a radio telemetry system with the addition of radio modules.
  • Monitoring systems can be easily upgraded to irrigation control with the addition of control boards and software.
  • Sensors and data logging can be easily connected into irrigation control systems.

Is it necessary to have an expensive base station for monitoring data?

No. The monitoring and control software can be installed onto a standard Windows® PC. For the radio telemetry option, all that is required is a mast, onto which the antenna is mounted, communication interface board, power and the iNTELLiTROL® software. The PC retrieves the data from the field sites, and is used as the central irrigation controller.

There is no requirement for any additional hardware, apart from a PC with internet connection, when using web based data collection with GSM or 3G modems. Software is installed onto a standard PC or laptop for uploading data and viewing the graphs.

How many sites can the iNTELLiTROL® telemetry system monitor or control?

For monitoring applications, the number of sites that can be remotely monitored is limitless. With regards to the iNTELLiNET, the system is capable of monitoring and controlling thousands of sites within the one network.

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