Becoming more efficient with your water management is not only about saving water. Applying the correct amount of water at the correct time increases crop quality and yield potential, reduces leaching of fertilisers, reduces crop stress and susceptibility to disease and pests and increases the long term sustainability and profitability of your enterprise.

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At MAIT we design monitoring and control systems for a variety of applications. Whether you have a farm, orchard or vineyard, we have a reliable solution that will work for you. No “one size-fits-all”. At MAIT we know you want a system that will suit your situation as well as your budget. And a system that works!

We draw on years of experience in working with a wide range of sensors as applied to crops, turf, trees, waste water and water infrastructure.

Our premier product is iNTELLiTROL®, a MAIT-designed system, installed in many sites across Australia, that allows you to combine different components and to expand your system as your business grows.

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Grants and Incentives

Government grants and incentives are available and these change depending on the state, time of year and funding priorities. While our systems pay for themselves, why not take advantage of grants if you can? We can help you to find out if you are eligible and also assist you to apply. Contact MAIT Industries.

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