Why should Turf Managers use soil moisture monitoring?

With the increasing demand on water resources and the pressure to maintain quality playing surfaces on ovals, isn’t it time to get serious with water management. MAIT Industries can provide a cost effective solution to your monitoring and control requirements.

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iNTELLiTROL® iTurf allows users to integrate soil moisture data with irrigation automation based upon real time soil moisture conditions.

No need to replace your existing irrigation controllers. iNTELLiTROL® iTurf connects directly to your existing controllers, providing managers with accurate soil moisture data which will automate irrigation programs based upon soil moisture levels. Remote data collection is available, using GSM modems, to allow managers to view current and historical soil moisture conditions and readjust moisture set points when required, from the office.

Accurate soil moisture sensors and rain switches, connected to iNTELLiTROL® iTurf provide turf managers with a smart system at an affordable price. Other sensors such as flow meters, rain gauges and air temperarure can be monitored and used for control and alarming.

iNTELLiTROL iTurf can now automate irrigation on rain data, temperature and from the EnviroPro probe.

For more information, read our paper Why Monitor Your Soil?

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On going support

In order to ensure that clients receive the best information and are able to use the system to its full potential, MAIT provides technical and agronomic support to ensure that sensors are located and installed correctly and moisture set points are programmed correctly for automation. On going support is also available.

Benefits include:

  • Water savings
  • Labour savings
  • Maintain consistent quality playing surfaces

Why should your racecourse use soil moisture monitoring?

Turf markers Soil EC probes

  • Manage water resources
  • Monitor track conditions for consistency
  • Maintain quality
  • Continuous live data for real time management

iNTELLiTROL is being utilised by a number of racecourses to monitor soil moisture and weather conditions on race tracks. Soil moisture data is continuously monitored and displayed on the race course manager’s computers. The data is viewed daily to assist with irrigation management and scheduling; the correct amount of water, at the correct time to ensure the best possible surfaces.

New Web Enabled System

MAIT Industries has developed a web-based monitoring and control system for central access to irrigation monitoring and control. Stand alone control sites can be easily upgraded to the web enabled systems without sacrificing your current investment.

iNTELLiWEB provides turf managers with real time, live data and remote control from any PC with internet access.